About our brewery

Brewery Blommecaes was founded in 2017 as a side project. I became passionate about the brewing bug back then. Like many, I started with a minimal setup (a few kettles, a fridge) and the initial recipes were nowhere near perfect. Over time, I learned the finer aspects of the craft, including further education at CVO in Brussels where I attended evening classes for several years.

At the same time, I indulged in 'scaling up' my brewing setup. From the start, this was an area where I could excel: making improvements, automating, measuring, and controlling.

In 2019, I launched my first recipe - Tripel Johanna - on the market. This was on the occasion of my marriage to - not coincidentally - Johanna. I used the facilities at Brouwerij Craywinckelhof, where my teacher from CVO was the brewmaster at the time.

Meanwhile, the idea sprouted to start up my own brewery that met all standards and obligations. A first hurdle was taken in 2021 when we moved into a new building in Olsene, a municipality in Zulte. Here, a space was set up as a brewery, and the necessary permits for food safety and customs were applied for.

Due to some setbacks and a busy family situation (2 young children now take up a considerable amount of time), it took longer than planned to be 'up and running'. In 2024, the final preparations are being completed to launch the new project.

What do we stand for as a brewery? Above all, a small-scale approach: the brewery is equipped for brewing sessions of 80 liters, making us one of the smallest breweries in Belgium. In addition, we focus on having fun, brewing enjoyable recipes, and selling as directly as possible through our webshop and in our own region.

We hope you will enjoy this project. Have fun on our newly updated webshop!


The Brewery


Our brewery is a total of 8 square meters, making it one of the smallest brewing spaces (perhaps the very smallest?) in the country. The brewing setup is entirely self-built using various parts that were purchased separately. Our brewery is electrically operated, quite unique for a brewery of this size. We make full use of solar energy by always brewing during the day, and there is also extensive reuse of rainwater to reduce water usage.

The brewery is fully automated by a Raspberry Pi minicomputer, which allows us to monitor and control the temperature digitally. We use our own software for this, and thus operate fully customized.

The brewery can be visited by appointment, please send an email to brouwerij@tripeljohanna.be



Brewing for third parties, associations…

We can also brew custom beer for associations, cafes, etc. This can be done in batches of 100 liters (approximately 10 boxes in bottles). Currently, we can only bottle the beer in glass.

For a quote, you can contact brouwerij@tripeljohanna.be. The cost varies between €500 and €700 depending on the type of beer.